Monday, August 28, 2006

Episode 3: Networking

Great Big Small Business Show- Ep 3- Networking

  • Connecting with Connectors- Chris Brogan
  • The Networking Survival Guide - Becky McCray
  • Interesting Introductions - Marco Terry
  • Two Secrets of Networking - Heidi Miller
  • 7 Reasons to Have an Advisory Board- Steve Rucinski
  • Top 3 Networking Tips for Cowboys, Renegades, Damsels in Distress. -Laura Allen
  • Ask for Help - Benjamin Yoskovitz
  • Networking Means Trusted Relationships- Bill Gregory

Connecting with Connectors - Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan plays fill in host for this episode, and starts off by talking about what networking isn't. Networking isn't schmoozing, or it isn't when done properly. Networking isn't one-sided withdrawals without reciprocation. Networking is a way to extend your capabilities and the capabilities of others.

Chris talks a little about NEVER EAT ALONE by Keith Ferrazzi, including connecting with connectors and the seven professions where you might find help reaching new connections.

Chris Brogan can be found at []

Review of The Networking Survival Guide - Becky McCray

Networking is really relationship building, whether at a formal networking event or as a part of everyday life. Becky McCray reviews The Networking Survival Guide by Diane Darling, and shares some of the best tips to help build relationships and survive those formal networking events. Don't forget your networking survival kit: a pen that you can lose, a Sharpie to embolden your name on the name badge, breath mints, and business cards in a case. Diane Darling's website is Becky McCray is publisher of the Small Biz Survival site.

Interesting Introductions- Marco Terry

Guest contributor Marco says the secret trick to powerful networking is all in the introduction. He gives thorough examples, complete with sound effects. Tips included in this segment involve answering some great questions. "How do you help people?" "What results do you produce?"

Marco Terry is president of Commercial Capital LLC, a firm that provides business financing though factoring, invoice factoring and purchase order financing. He can be reached at (866) 730 1922.

Two Secrets of Networking - Heidi Miller

Heidi Miller discusses her introduction to networking by one of the masters, Bob Berg, author of ENDLESS REFERRALS. Two of the most important things Bob taught were a variation on Dr. Stephen Covey's "Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood," which involves being helpful to others first and foremost.

Second, it is always more important that YOU get the other person's business card instead of getting your card out. This way, YOU can send a follow-up email, or send a card. It gives you something concrete, whereas hoping they do something with your card is passive.

Heidi Miller, shameless self-promoter and corporate spokesperson for hire can be found at Heidi Miller Presents.

7 Reasons to have an Advisory Board- Steve Rucinski

Steve Rucinski gives us part 1 of a two part series on advisory boards. He explains the value of the expertise of advisors, the benefit of their business contacts, and all the reasons that an advisory board for a small business is better than a standard Board of Directors.

Steve Rucinski can be found at

Top 3 Networking Tips for Cowboys, Renegades, Damsels in Distress. –Laura Allen

Top Three Networking Tips for: Cowboys, Renegades, Damsels in Distress and the small business owners who can sometimes feel like a cowboy, renegade or damsel-in-distress while trying to pitch themselves at a networking event. Hear how Wyatt Earp pitched his gunslinging friend Doc Holliday. Learn what Kenny Rogers can teach you about networking. And, Never under estimate the power of brevity. It just might land you in the New York Times, like it did for Laura's partner Jim! Laura Allen, co-founder of uses lessons from The Wild West as her inspiration to create her Top Three Networking Tips for today. Laura can be found at

Ask for Help - Benjamin Yoskovitz

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs have a “take on the world” mentality, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But with the lack of resources small business owners and entrepreneurs have to deal with, asking for help is paramount.

And the key to asking for help is to realize it’s a dialogue between people, not just a
Q&A session where we can ask questions and expect answers. It’s a form of networking and when done properly can yield amazing results. When asking for help, it’s critical to provide something of value in return.

Ben Yoskovitz can be found at

Networking Means Trusted Relationships- Bill Gregory

Networking as a trust relationship. Bill cuts through the clutter of terms to share the bare bones of what networking really means to him.

Bill Gregory is an expert in patents and intellectual property, and he counsels small business people for a living. He is also a great public speaker. This is his first foray into podcasts.

Unfortunately, the audio for this episode is lost! If you happen to have an archive copy somewhere, we'd love to have it back!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Episode 2: Planning

The Great Big Small Business Show Episode 2: Planning

00:43 Listener Contribution: Nuggets from an Entrepreneurial Chicken: Jon Swanson

Following up on Episode 1, listener Jon Swanson encourages you to listen to your customers. Jon Swanson consumes small business products and services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has been an administrative pastor for 6 years, following 15 years in higher education. He used to teach communication and organizational management. He now knows how little he knew then. He lives with his wife, college-age son and high school-age daughter.

05:00 The Essentials of Planning: Becky McCray

Planning your path, setting milestones, measuring, comparing and adjusting form a sytem you’ll use over and over in your business. Becky McCray walks you through the system, reminding you of some of the key concepts of successful planning.

08:10 Rockstar Planning: Chris Brogan

Planning projects can be one of the toughest aspects of running a business, but not the way Chris Brogan approaches it! Put on your rockstar attitude and listen in!

13:00 Planning to Avoid “Putting Out Fires”: Benjamin Yoskovitz

Small business owners and entrepreneurs will always be “putting out fires” and “wearing lots of hats.” It’s just the way it is. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be more prepared to handle crisis when it inevitably hits. Ben Yoskovitz provides us with 4 steps to help us get more prepared, keeping in mind that there’s always a shortage of time. Start working through these steps, and in only 30-minutes per day, Ben believes you can get more organized and better prepared to handle crisis. Ben Yoskovitz is co-founder of

18:30 Planning to Protect Your Ideas: Bill Gregory

Protecting your ideas requires planning on a different scale. Bill Gregory prepares you to take stock of and protect your key business ideas.

23:12 More About the Four Marketing Mistakes: Steve Rucinski

When marketing efforts are not successful, many companies wonder why. They sent out direct mail, or refreshed their Web site, or attended a trade show, but are left disappointed and frustrated with languishing sales and underused resources. Why isn’t the phone ringing? Steve Rucinski shares how to improve your marketing efforts in this segment.

28:11 The Four Keys to the Killer 15 Second Pitch: Laura Allen

Do you have trouble answering that eternal question, “So, what do you do?” If so, here’s an easy 4 Step formula to help you create a killer 15SecondPitch that you can start using immediately. One word of warning; you need to be willing to stand out from the crowd in order to create a great pitch. Sample pitches are included from three diverse professionals. Laura Allen shows you how to create a KILLER 15 Second Pitch in 4 easy steps. Laura Allen is the co-founder of 15 Second

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Episode 1: Talking to your customers

The Great Big Small Business Show Episode 1: Talking to Your Customers
Steve Yastrow says that a customer is “anyone whose actions affect your results.” So today’s show covers important information for every aspect of your business communications.

‘I’ is the New Black
The trend in communication is ‘authenticity of voice.’ As a small business person, you have a big advantage as a real person, and you are the message. Heidi Miller explains more about using your voice. Heidi Miller is a Shameless Self Promoter at Heidi Miller Presents.

Podcasting for Your Small Business
Throw out the term “podcasting” for a moment. What if you as a small business owner could have a conversation with a customer you haven’t met yet? The beauty of podcasting is that it starts a digital conversation with customers you didn’t even know you had. Chris Brogan picks a small business in his town, a retail ceramics shop, and gives you and idea of how that store could use podcasting to reach its audience/customers. Chris Brogan is Chief Content Officer at Grasshopper New Media.

The Five Biggest Marketing Mistakes
You know that marketing is critical to your business, and that it is changing rapidly. But do you know what the most damaging marketing mistakes are? In the first part of a series, Steve Rucinski walks you through the five biggest marketing mistakes that small businesses make. Steve Rucinski is a Small Business CEO and can also be found at Small Business Trends Radio.

The Power of the 15 Second Pitch
In a world of instant information, information overload, and a deficit of attention, your window for making a first impression is shrinking. You have to pick one thing to be known for, and then also find a way to be interesting, funny, clever or authentic if you want to get your message through. Laura Allen shows you how to find your one thing to build a powerful 15 second pitch. Laura Allen is the co-founder of 15 Second Pitch.

A Real ‘What’s In It For Me’ Example
Talking with your customers means speaking to them personally, no matter what method you choose to do it. Becky McCray tells a story of two different approaches she received this week, and which one actually got the desired results. Becky McCray is the publisher of Small Biz Survival.

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