Saturday, July 22, 2006


  • Becky McCray
    Becky is our host. She is a small business owner and cattle rancher, with quite a bit of public speaking experience. Her blog focuses on small town small business.
  • Laura Allen
    Laura is an experienced public speaker. Her focus is on social networking and making your pitch in 15 seconds or less.
  • Chris Brogan
    Chris is the media mogul in the making, head of Grasshopper New Media (our umbrella organization). He’s an experienced podcaster, blogger, and a talented visual artist.
  • Ted Demopoulos
    Ted is a published author (Blogging for Business and What Nobody Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting) and is currently featured in three podcasts. He has a love of small business and technology.

  • Phil Gerbyshak Make It Great!
    Phil Gerbyshak is a published author (10 Ways to Make It Great!) and writes a variety of articles about personal and small business branding, relationship geeking, lifelong learning and personal growth.
  • Bill Gregory
    Bill is an expert in patents and intellectual property, and he counsels small business people for a living. He is also a great public speaker.
  • Heidi Miller
    Heidi is both an expert in podcasting and an expert speaker. She is a specialist in presentation skills and trade shows.
  • Steve Rucinski - For Small Business CEO’s, - For All Small Businesses.
    Steve is an expert podcaster and small business leader. He’s been podcasting for over two years, and is working on launching a new radio channel.
  • Jon Swanson Levite Chronicles
    Jon consumes small business products and services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has been an administrative pastor for 6 years, following 15 years in higher education. He used to teach communication and organizational management. He now knows how little he knew then. He lives with his wife, college-age son and high school-age daughter.
  • Colleen Wainwright
    Colleen is an L.A.-based designer-writer-speaker who started calling herself “the communicatrix” when she hit three hyphens.
  • Benjamin Yoskovitz
    Ben is an experienced entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in web and software development businesses. He’s passionate about customer support, running a well-oiled machine, and humor.