Sunday, December 3, 2006

Episode 15: Employees in Small Business

If your small business is more than just you, listen up this week! Our team of small business experts tackles the subject of hiring and employees, as well as how to do more without hiring employees.

Steve Rucinski - Make a New Hire in 30 Days or Less

Jon Swanson - You Gotta Have Heart

Ben Yoskovitz - How to Find Someone Who Fits

Becky McCray - Doing More Without Hiring

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bonus: Your Feedback on Failure and Nonprofits

This bonus episode is all about your feedback.

Listener David Finch adds his thoughts about the subject of failure and starting over.

Listener Vince asks more about business structures. When would you choose a nonprofit, rather than a traditional for-profit organization?

Becky McCray suggests three factors that would influence you to go with a non-profit structure:

  1. Revenue is not your main goal. 
  2. You are seeking donations or grants to fund your organization.
  3. You ready for scrutiny of your public purpose.
On the other side, you might want to go with a for-profit structure in these two cases:
  1. Instead of donors, you want to create shareholders.
  2. If you want to be able to sell out.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Episode 14: Business structure for small business

Listener Question: what’s the right form for my small business?

Steve Rucinski recommends My Corporation to do the formation, and Becky McCray points to Will It Fly to do the research. New contributor Tony D. Clark has a much more complete explanation. Tony has launched another Grasshopper New Media Business podcast, The Creative Venture.

Heidi Miller - One Thing
You can’t do it all by yourself

Phil Gerbyshak - The Generosity Factor
A book review, just in time for holiday giving.

Jon Swanson - Light Up Someone’s World
Another nugget from The Entrepreneurial Chicken.

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Episode 13: The One Thing About Small Business

Starting a business is a daunting task, with many unknowns. Our team of small business people share their thoughts on the “One Thing You Wish You Had Known Before You Started Your Business.”

Ben Yoskovitz - Somebody Has to Be the Marketer

Chris Brogan - It’s the Other Things That Make it Work

Colleen Wainwright - How Long Will This Take?

Ted Demopoulos - You Can’t Live on Past Success

Becky McCray - Surround Yourself with Mentors

Jon Swanson - Is Your Thank You Speech Ready?

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Friday, November 3, 2006

Video bonus: Unexpected Marketing: Help your customers

Heidi Miller found an example of helping your customers in unexpected ways. Don't just tell us you are helpful, show us!

Every business must market itself and most marketing is visual, so we offer occasional video segments to show you some tips and suggestions for marketing.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Episode 12: Global Business Simplified

Global business can be simplified for small businesses. This week, we talk about ways you are already connecting internationally, how to create more connections, and how to find resources to help you take your small business global.

Laura Allen - Civil War, Coke, Tsunamis, and Green Tea
Laura Allen talks about how Civil War, Coke, Tsunamis, and Green Tea are all a part of Global Business. She shares her theory on how it might be possible to end war if we all sat down and drank some Green Tea together. It seemed to work in that old Coca Cola television ad.
International Women’s Entrepreneurial Network:
Monaqui Porter-Young; Srina Green Tea,
Becky McCray - Global isn’t as big as you think
Becky McCray shares her international business experience, talks about how small businesses can take a first step into the world, and where to find help to do more globally with your business.
Oklahoma Department of Commerce:

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bonus - Interview with Pat Matthews, CEO of

Becky McCray interviews Pat Matthews, CEO of, Inc., based in Blacksburg, Virginia.
Pat talks about starting the company, surviving and retooling through the dot com bust, why they have refined their business plan 30 or more times, and how they compete with the huge conglomerates of technology.

Hear a second interview with Pat at Small Biz Survival, addressing small town business issues.

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